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🤑JACKPOT🤑 HIDDEN LOOT! 💰 Wiping Rathole | Ark: Survival Evolved | Solo Gameplay | Xbox Official PVP

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So there I was, scouting for metal farms on Aberration again… When I come across a high cliff plat, hidden way above portals RedZone dropoff.

The base was protected by 14 Tek Turrets with about 500 shards a piece. After getting Arked a few times, a 45-minute soak, and transferring 6 slots caps out, the whole ordeal took about 2 hours total. They got on towards the end but by that time, I only had a Racer and Gasbag left on server. They tried to kill the racer with RockDrakes, but I whistled it off the high endgame structure, followed it down on the Gasbag, and was able to cryo it at the bottom and get out without a scratch. (Mostly, lol)

No Shade, and Nothing Personal. If this was your base, I’m willing to trade your imprints back to you. Contact me at any of the links below.

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