BOOM! 🔥 Wiping a Teleporter Solo | Official PVP | Ark Survival Evolved

I wiped a metal TP solo with 250 Cannonballs in under an hour.
Xbox Official PVP Aberration Server 788

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[THS] Has been trolling our servers. Now I’m going to troll theirs.
The Hit Squad? More like The Shit Squad! Am I right boys!? ….boys?

🦖 Ark PlayList:…
🦕 Looting 1800 Tames:
🦖 Fastest MetalRun:
🦕 Wiping a Swamp TP (with MDK):
🦖 Wiping CliffPlats with GasBag:
🦕 Wiping Desert Plat with a Forrest Titan (with 60GANG):
🦖 Wiping Island Server (with MDK):

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